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A wide range of things can be Hoarded since true utility or value aren't the criteria, but personal 1's are, whatever they may be based upon.
  • Written/Printed Information.
    Meaning: Papers, Magazines, Notes, Letters, Publicity, Ads, Bills, Books and so on.....
    Since the Internet, e- mails are also hoarded, either online or printed out.

    The remarkable thing about the keeping of written/printed material is that it actually is rarely ever read but is just stored. The safety of knowing it is there seems to be enough, you can go back to it at all times.

  • Items That Are Commonly Bought in Larger Quantities.
    Meaning: Soap, Sugar, Salt and so on.
    These may be purchased in large quantities.

  • Non- Expensive Practical Items.
    Meaning: Elastic Bands, Paper Clips, Plastic/Paper Bags, Used Envelopes, Used Items that Could be Re- Used and so on.....

  • Items With No Apparent Value or Use.
    Meaning: Burned Out Light Bulbs, Cigarette Butts, Empty Cigarette Packs, Wrappers, Medicine Bottles, Empty Lighters, Candles which can't be lit anymore, Broken Electrical Appliances.....

  • Future-Use Items.
    Meaning: Items which may be used 1 day, whether or not this use is realistic or not. The idea of having to buy something you have at 1 point thrown away seems absurd and thus everything is kept.

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